Smitty’s Fireplace carries a large variety of masonry products including CMU units (block), natural stone, cultured stone, pre-mix mortar, pre-mix concrete, portland cement, lime, silica sand and a variety of other bagged sand.


Enhance the aesthetic and tactile appeal of your next project with the natural textures and authentic color palettes of high-performance architectural stone veneer.

Located in Northwestern Montana, Rockworks is one of the largest suppliers of thin veneer, architectural and landscape stone in the region. The company quarries the stone, right here in the Montana Rockies.

Consistent, durable and elegant in their simplicity, Hebron bricks are fired to ultimate perfection in our state-of-the-art facilities…resulting in a tribute to design aesthetics that leave a lasting impression. Thousands of distinctive buildings all across the United States and Canada have benefited from the humble origins of our company.

Today Robinson Brick, a subsidiary of General Shale Brick, is the trusted leader in providing quality products including brick, thin brick, natural thin stone, and block products. Website

For over a century Mutual Materials has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of masonry and hardscape products in the Pacific Northwest. From the beginning when it was just brick to today when Mutual’s product lines also include concrete masonry and hardscape products, Mutual Materials is committed to manufacturing the quality products our customers demand. 

The story of Kanta Products is about great people making great products, wrapped in a more than 70-year history of dedicated hard work serving our customers with concrete building materials that are “Made in Montana”.  At Kanta we are proud of our family company heritage, our Montana roots, and that over the years our concrete masonry block-built hundreds of schools, buildings, churches and jails all across Montana, Idaho, North Dakota and Wyoming.